Thursday 21st September 2017
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 July 16 Saturday FIRC *
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The September 2 opening of the Lone Star Flight Museumís new facility has been postponed due to Hurricane Harvey.

The activity we had originally planned for September 16 has also been cancelled at this time.

We are hoping to organize a day to assist Greg White in clean up of his home which was devastated by flood waters. We cannot schedule a specific date until the water goes down and Greg can have access to his house again which could be several weeks. We will send out a call for help once we know the date, time etc. for this project. With sufficient help we can clean out the house in a short time. Greg has been very dedicated to GHAFI serving as president in the 1990s and again currently. Letís show him our appreciation.

Please be prepared to assist when the call goes out.

At this time we are not aware of any other GHAFI member who has their home flooded. We do realize many of you may be dealing with your own circumstances due to Harvey. We urge everyone to help out their neighbors and friends during this time. If you need help, please let us know. See Copilotís Message.