Thursday 21st September 2017

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June 2017 President's Message

Hello everyone, hope that you and yours had a very good Memorial Day weekend and that you took a little time to honor those that have fallen in defense of our nation. This is also a good time to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our Service Personnel, past and present, and to all of our First Responders as well. Thank you for your service.

The May 2017 Board of Directors meeting was recently held at the Texas Mesquite Grill out on 290. I am here to report that it was a very good meeting where we successfully conducted quite a bit of business along with a good meal warmly shared among colleagues, good friends all.

Among the business covered was, firstly, an update on the status of the FIRC TCO. Last month I reported that I believed the TCO submission was complete and submitted. I was wrong. My bad… Turns out that the work was and is still in progress. As I said before, this is complex, tedious work that must be done correctly to ensure a positive outcome upon review by the feds. My continued thanks goes out to Rick and Mike in their ongoing efforts to get this completed and submitted.

A discussion was also held by the group on possible directions the organization could take if we are unable to get a positive outcome on our renewal efforts. This was more of a “brainstorming” exercise than the formulation of any contingency plans. We still have some time to formally establish and put alternative plans into motion should the need arise. Let us hope and pray that it does not. Next, we worked out a full slate of officers and directors nominees for the election this month followed by the planning of the Annual Business Meeting and hangar party. I believe that we have a great slate of candidates for the election including some new blood to the board. My thanks to all who have volunteered to serve your organization once elected. As for the annual meeting, please see “Flight Plan” for the details. Slate of Candidates as follows:

  • President: Greg White
  • Vice President: Gary Whitfield
  • Secretary: Maureen Garrow
  • Treasurer: Harry Johnson

  • Directors:
  • Robbie Boettcher
  • Carol Brackley
  • Ted Miller
  • Rick Rawlings
  • John VanPaasschen
  • Dick Wilson 

This is the annual membership meeting. That means for all the membership. Please consider coming out and joining your BOD representatives so you can let us know what you think, cast your vote, break bread, have a cold one, tell a few tall tales, and hopefully have a stellar time, one for the history books. GHAFI will provide hamburgers and hot dogs. Everyone please bring a side dish or desert.

We covered a few more tidbits before closing the meeting. We are working on renewing our IRS 501 status. There is also a push to acquire the technology so we can do credit card renewals of membership dues and to also have a presence on social media, namely Facebook. There are some goodies coming to celebrate our 35th Anniversary too.

Well, I think that I have beaten this pony to death so I will close it out for now. Please come to the hangar party and join us. So, in the meantime, keep the pointy end going forward and the dirty side down and as always, FLY SAFE!

Greg White, President