Thursday 17th January 2019

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March 2018
President's Message

It is March already. Wow. Looks like spring is springing up all over the place and hopefully the winter weather is all behind us for a while. Personally, I won’t miss it. That also means it is time to get out and start moving again. Before I get off into upcoming events though, let me take a few minutes and recap last month’s BoD meeting and what came out of it.

The Board met out in Cypress once again and the meeting was well attended with some new faces joining us for the first time. It proved to be a very productive meeting. Several items were discussed, some at length and on the topic of continuing the efforts to regain FIRC status, some very impassioned points of view. That was the “800 pound gorilla sitting in the corner” when it came to agenda items for the evening. It was the last agenda item but far, far from the least in importance. Let me sum it up this way; we offered an exceptionally good product to our membership with our FIRC programs for many, many years and we are NOT quite ready to give up on that yet. In the meantime, we are going to continue with our quarterly “Safety Meetings” that we have had very good success with of late. Ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Among the other items discussed was a reminder that elections are coming up in June and the floor is now open for nominations. If you have ever considered stepping up and serving your organization, now is the time to throw your hat into the ring. Don’t be shy, just dive in. I think that you will be glad that you did. I hope that two of our newest BoD members, Martin Wolff and Dr. Becky Lutte, are glad they did. I know that I am tickled to have them among us. They added much to our discussions and I truly appreciate that. You can too!

Our “associate member initiative” is paying great dividends and I am rapidly learning how much gold there is to be mined out there. Our newest “associate” members are bringing tons to the table and their enthusiasm is truly remarkable. They may not be flight instructors but I believe that these folks cannot only bolster our ranks but our whole organization. This is not hyperbole, I sincerely believe that they can and in some cases, already are really making a difference and there’s room for a lot more! Keep’em coming…

Social media. Expect to see some changes to our website in the near future. Then there is the best-kept secret in GHAFI, our Facebook page. Yes, we have a Facebook page. Please come and join us. Be part of the conversation or start one up. Director Robbie Boettcher is our “moderator”. Spread the word.

Plans are well in the works for our first “airport reach-out” trip. We will put out an email blast when everything is finalized. We may even post it up on our Facebook page.

Now that I have covered the business end of things, let’s have some fun. It is time for our spring outing and we have decided that now is the time to do our previously aborted tour of the Lone Star Flight Museum at Ellington. This is a “fly-in/drive-in” event. Admission rates vary so check in with them online to see the rate structure. On ramp parking at the facility is available along the east fence line IF air operations aren’t being conducted, so if you are planning to fly in, please check with them in advance to clarify the parking arrangements. Yours truly will conduct the tour with the able assistance of our own Robbie Boettcher who is a “docent in training” at the museum. I will be emphasizing the aviation training aspect of the museum and I promise there is a lot to see. This facility is nothing like what we had down in Galveston beyond the aircraft parked in the hangars. Please come and join us. I think that you will be impressed.

Well, I think I have just about covered everything to bring you folks out there up to date. Please let me hear from you. I am still quite busy with my home, but I can certainly take a few minutes to visit with you if you call, so please do. In the meantime, go out and have some adventures and as always, fly safe!

Greg White, President