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September 2017
President's Message

Greetings Intrepid Aviators! This is Gary Whitfield, GHAFI VP, flying this leg for Greg White.

Many of you may have already heard that Greg’s home in Bear Creek went under water during Him a cane Harvey. We are standing by for updates, not expecting flood waters to subside until controlled release from the nearby reservoir is terminated. When the time comes for clean up, if you can spare some time or resources, Greg could sure use the help. gpwhite73@att.net C: 281-859-9476

If we have other GHAFI members in need, or if you suffered a loss, please let us know. To make things simple, an email to ghafi.org@gmail.com will forward to Greg and other members of the GHAFI board. (More on this later; short version… one single email for GHAFI business, auto forwards to directors, with a paper trail in one central account. Individual email addresses remain available on the member list.) See “Flight Plan.”

GHAFI BUSINESS, from the August 15 Board meeting:

TCO status, Mike Barksdale: Mike and Rick Rawlings continue to work with FAA Washington. Creating a Training Course Outline that will pass FAA Washington is a challenge. It is one thing for American Flyers or AOPA to assign a Project Manager, pay them, inspect the finished product, sell it. We are all volunteers, and my hat is off to Mike and Rick for trying to eat this elephant. One bite at a time.

TREASURER’S report, Harry Johnson: We have money in the bank, around $4,000 as I recall. Harry continues to work towards not for profit status, 501(c)(3). This should qualify our annual dues as a Charitable Contribution, like Commemorative Air Force and other organizations. We discussed our current $35/ year dues in the context of raising, lowering, or waiving dues for first year members. For the moment, dues remain $35/ year, waived the first year for new members.

DIRECTORS: As you know at the June election Maureen Garrow replaced Carol Brackley as Secretary, giving Carol a much deserved break. Maureen is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor, FAASTeam Rep, and a NAFI Master CFI. Carol remains on the board as a director.

Robbie Boettcher, FAASTeam Rep, is managing our Facebook group. Closed Group, ask to join!

Long standing board member Ted Miller asked to step down due to job constraints. We take that as good news! It means his helicopter business is good! Boom! Dick Wilson also asked to step down, same reason, job constraints. Thank you, Gentlemen, for your many years of service to GHAFI, and your continued contributions to the aviation community.

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Becky Lutte and Martin Wolff will be filling the vacancies on the Board of Directors. Both are accomplished aviators, both with much to offer. We are saving their bios and their introductions for the next newsletter. Guarantee you will be impressed with both! The Board welcomes Becky and Martin and looks forward to working with them.

SEPTEMBER OUTING, Greg White: We had hoped to host an event at the new Lone Star Flight Museum location in September. Suffice to say those plans are in a holding pattern until we dry out and Southeast Texas can regroup after the storm. So, these are holding instructions issued without an EFC. At this point, we just don’t know what to expect; the word of the day is “Flexible”. See additional info under “Flight Plan.”

OCTOBER SAFETY MEETING: We had hoped to perhaps host the October Safety Meeting at Lone Star Flight Museum, then alternate between there, ExpressJet at IAH, and West Houston. Woody has been good to us over the years, and we are grateful. ExpressJet treated us very well this past July. Lone Star Flight Museum is as previously cleared, in a hold with no EFC. Greg is our point of contact, and his priority is his family and his home right now. Watch your email for updates.

GHAFI AND THE 21st CENTURY: GHAFI has run on paper since dirt was invented. Paper applications, dues by paper check, snail mail. Well, guess what? It won’t happen overnight, but we are moving towards a paperless operation. Soon, we hope, we will make available an online application and online payment via credit card. Hallelujah! Thank you Harry Johnson!

35TH ANNIVERSARY ITEMS, Greg White: This is our 35th year as a professional organization. Ideas, suggestions on anniversary items to recognize this? Send them to ghafi.org@gmail.com

THE WAY FORWARD, Gary Whitfield: Mike Barksdale and Rick Rawlings have poured a lot of effort into a new TCO, Training Course Outline, the key to GHAFI authorization to renew CFI certificates. Our goal and commitment as an organization is to pursue this, but as with each and every flight, we should have an alternate in mind. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

What is our alternate should we miss the approach?

I would submit our “Plan B” is found under History & Purpose on our Home page, ghafi.org:

• Promotion of aviation and aviation safety
• Instructor education and standardization
• Instructor status and welfare
• Communication with other aviation interests

Plan A: Complete the TCO, resume the FIRCs.

Plan B: Continue the Safety Meetings. Focus on safety, education, and standardization. “This ain’t our first rodeo,” but I am here to tell you, folks, it is humbling to be in the same room with each and every one of you. The depth and breadth of experience and knowledge is remarkable. The fact that you are willing to give of your time is commendable. You are the Professionals. You set the Example. You set the Standard.

Best job I had in the Air Force was training new instructors. Most fun I had was Continuation Training, fine tuning new instructors, watching them learn, watching them grow. We can do this for General Aviation. We can be the mentors, the advocates for new instructors. Might just help keep us on our toes!


If you read, see, or hear ads from Citizens for On Time Flights, know their agenda: Privatization of Air Traffic Control. In my humble opinion, they are not our friends. It is an opinion, but I find the statement in their latest email blast to be quite misleading: "The opposition, led by private jet owners and their lobbyists, are doing everything they can to kill reform."
James Burnley, Former Secretary of Transportation

“Moving the air traffic control function into a federally chartered non-profit, self-funding organization, moves it out of the uncertainty of future political battles over matters unrelated to the urgency of modernizing our air traffic control system.”
Airlines for America (A4A), formerly the Air Transport Association (ATA), was the first and remains the only trade organization of the leading U.S. passenger and cargo carriers.

Fly Safe,

Gary Whitfield, GHAFI VP
C: 281-639-7210